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     Originally from the first cornfield south of Chicago (Minooka, IL), I received my BFA in Musical Theatre from Webster University and am now a performer and producer based out of New York City. My performance skills are rooted in classical training, including singing, acting, and rock and roll, training under Lisa Campbell Albert, Lara Teeter, and Dr. Jeffrey Carter, to name a few.

     As a producer, I've utilized my experience from social media management (Broadway In Chicago, Jimmy Awards), graphic design, and production management to independently produce concerts (Open/Stay, BMI New Writers' Showcase), charity events (Sweet Charities), studio albums (Grace and the Ghost), an upcycled-clothing brand (BENT), and my own podcast (Les Be Gay) which was named a FeedSpot Top Queer Podcast in 2021. I continue to create independent projects in theatre, music, and visual design.


     Along with performing, I also spend my days bartending (Vers), taking care of my pet snakes, or digging for new music from up-and-coming queer artists. I'm an advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights, Sex Education Reform, and Drug Abuse Awareness.

     Ask me about my favorite queer artists, or about how I paid for college with Ranch Dressing!

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